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About Me

I’m a creative and passionate individual who loves to explore and express. I’m here to inspire and be inspired.

I have a bachelor’s degree (BA) and master’s of fine arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. My specialties include literary fiction, contemporary fiction, American fiction, Asian American fiction, cultural studies and diversity.

My professional experience includes editing, tutoring, teaching, and web development. I enjoy writing reviews and using social media, and have a good eye for design and photography.

My other interests include food and drinks, fitness, beauty, fashion, wellness and self-improvement. I would also love to travel more.

Collaborate with Me

Contact me if you’re interested in working together! Let me know if you’re a business (e.g., restaurant, shop, beauty/clothing/accessories brand, hotel, travel agency), photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, or other creative/content provider (magazine, website, etc.).

I’m always interested in quality and authentic people and companies.

Currently, I’m looking for photographers, locations (e.g. coffee shop), fashion/clothing apparel and beauty brands or products to create content for this website, Instagram, and future social media channels such as TikTok and Youtube.

Hire Me

If you’re looking for a freelance writer or editor to create content, write reviews, or have another business proposal, please email me using the contact form below.


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Get in Touch

I’m based in Orange County, not too far from Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and happy to travel. I love flying!

Costa Mesa, California 92626

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