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Asian American

Proud to Be Asian American

I am Vietnamese American, proud daughter of immigrants. Although I didn’t grow up with a strong sense of Vietnamese culture and identity, I never deny my heritage. Truthfully, I prefer to say I’m Asian American because I find that umbrella term more relevant to my experiences.

Someday I may tell you all about my Asian American experiences, from being second generation (born and raised in California), to the first time I heard “Asian” as being an identifier (not just ethnic specific like Vietnamese), to the ways I gained more friends, social clubs and community. I’ll never forget how happy I was when I went to university and could take Asian and Asian American studies classes. I love being Asian American, though at times I don’t want the pressure of being a representative of my ethnicity.

The things I had to seek out on my own are now more easily accessible for all to learn, thanks to the internet and a newer generation of Asian American faces and voices. I hope that everyone will take the time to learn and understand, especially during this crucial time as we fight against racism and xenophobia.

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