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Shop Small Hawaii

Aloha state of mind

Aloha! Maybe because it’s been a long winter and sometimes still chilly here in north Texas (although lately it’s been rainy, warm and humid), but I find myself daydreaming about Hawaii a lot. Since I can’t hop on an airplane and spend a couple of weeks on a Pacific island, I thought I’d share a few facts, links, and Hawaiian brands to support. It’s always nice to shop small, don’t you agree?

Did you know?

Did you know that the Hawaiian language is considered an endangered language? For that reason, I’ve started learning it by using Duolingo! I have a long ways to go but so far, I love it and hope I can use it fluently someday.

Fun fact: Kiana is the Hawaiian form of Diana (the Roman goddess, same as the Greek goddess Artemis). The traditional Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters: 5 vowels and 7 consonants (source). It means “divine.”


Hawaii is currently the only U.S. state with a minority-majority population. That’s because the U.S. seized the island nation. I feel very conflicted knowing that the place we know for its natural beauty and see as a tourist spot is actually a place of U.S. colonization. It also has a history of plantation owners exploiting migrant workers, mainly from Asian countries and descent. The more you know, eh?

Hawai’i is not the multicultural paradise some say it is | National Geographic

With all of that in mind, Hawaii seems like a fascinating and special place.

Shop Small Hawaii
Shop Small Hawaii

Aloha Edibles

Maybe not the type of edibles you’re thinking but they have beef jerky chips (crispy beef jerky) furikake potato chips, Boba Bites a La Mode, which all sound like tasty snacks to me.


Bradley and Lily

Adorable items with Hawaiian island motifs. I particularly like the notebooks and metallic gold pineapple.

Instagram: @bradleylily

Hanalei Company

An island-powered cruelty-free beauty company. Would love to get my hands on a set of their best-selling products to try.

Instagram: @hanaleicompany

Honolulu Cookie Company

A friend from Hawaii visited her family and came back with these for me! They were delicious and came in a beautifully designed tin. I read these are available in select states, including California, so I can’t wait to find them!

Instagram: @honolulucookie

Jana Lam

Honolulu-based designs for an endless summer! I am eyeing the peach mini cross body, but there are a lot of beautiful handbags and backpacks for everyone’s tastes.

Instagram: @janalam

Jules and Gem

I love home fragrances and would love to have the aroma of Hawaiian flowers surrounding me! Pakalana and Puakenikeni sound gorgeous.

Instagram: @julesandgemhi

No Hea Beauty Bar

Bath and body care, plus hand-poured soy candles that are made in Hawaii. I like the beautiful rose gold tins. Which of the five scents would you choose?

Instagram: @noheabeautybar

Sugarcane Shop

Lots of gifts, including bath and body products as well as jewelry and books. I can’t help but eye the Hawaiian aromatherapy candle made with essential oils. Hibiscus Passion sounds lovely.

Instagram: N/A

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Have you been to Hawaii? Leave a comment and share if there’s a Hawaiian brand (that’s available to shop from outside of the islands) that you like!


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